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My Elephant Journal article, and thoughts on being an empowered weirdo

My Elephant Journal article, and thoughts on being an empowered weirdo

I'm so excited to announce that my first article was published the other day, in my longtime favorite mindful magazine, elephant journal. 

It's called The Truth About that Eco Leather and you can read it here

Leather has been a topic close to my heart for many years. As I explain in the article, I used to sport leather, proudly, even as a vegetarian. I didn't realize it had the devastating environmental impact that it has, but that's the sad truth.

I remember mentioning to a friend years ago, after she told me about some shoes on sale or something, that I don't buy leather, and she dismissed it with a "wow. that sounds too hard for me" remark. I think I answered that it was sometimes hard, but the more I thought about it, the more I actually realized I felt happy and empowered by the choice.

I'm 34, and I'll be the first to say that I feel like a lot of people of my generation are apathetic, entitled, and quite clueless. Most of us grew up oblivious to how things were made and what sacrifices other people (on the other side of the world, usually) and animals made to bring us the junk we buy (or eat) and don't really even care about. So standing up for something I so deeply believe in gives me a feeling I can't quite describe and haven't felt often in my life. That's why, politics aside, I'm so heartened by the women's march happening tomorrow--for some people I know it will be the first time they do the difficult thing, maybe stir some controversy, for the sake of making their voice heard for a cause they believe in. 

For me, I don't feel like a sad loser, a weirdo, or an "angry vegan" when I pass up buying the new It bag or wool jacket (like I'm pretty sure my friend assumed)--I feel powerful, emboldened, and hopeful.

I hope you'll join me in being that person who isn't afraid to make the difficult choices without shame or regret. Whether you feel hopeful or fearful about 2017, know that you can feel empowered by making personal choices, some big, some seemingly small. 

This year, my goals are to meditate more (small), launch Vesta (huge), and continue to spread the word about uncomfortable topics like consuming animal products. How about you??

Here's to an empowered, charged-up year!!

xoxo Kendall

P.S. Here's my article in elephant again. Please read, comment, and share if you like it! <3 

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